Mad Girl Eats Rio in Vegas


Carnival World Buffet, Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino, 3700 W. Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV.

In search for dinner, where can you find more than 300 dishes and 70 desserts made on-site daily, and rates tops as best Vegas buffet and won’t break the bank? The Carnival World Buffet at the Rio, just off the Strip! When they state ‘World’, they mean it. Taking you on a world tour of cuisine from Japanese to Mexican, Italian to Asian BBQ and everything in-between. The seafood bar and carving stations don’t disappoint either.  Even the most finicky diner will find something mad good to eat. Let’s not forget their playground of dessert. Their gelato..well, lets say I’d do a swan dive into a pool of it if I could.  Holy moly, save room or better yet, eat dessert first. Don’t worry, I won’t tell your mom.  😉

Carnival World Buffet is sensory overload for the eyes as well as the palate. Seeing someone doing the Harlem Shake in their seat over tasting a fabu morsel, is de` riguer.  The food is high quality, beautifully made and presented, and has crazy variety. You know a good buffet when their dishes could stand on their own and be ordered at nice full service restaurant. That’s why this buffet is a must whenever I’m in Las Vegas. Epic.

Go. Enjoy. Eat to oblivion, then walk it off and play.. or go see Chippendale’s upstairs. Whatever floats your boat. It is Vegas, after all. Hootie hoo!

Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I have only had dinner here. Part of Total Rewards 24 Hour Buffet Pass.

4.5 out of 5 deliciously satisfying points.

Mad Girl Eats Boston’s Fish House in Orlando Suburb


Boston’s Fish House, 6860 Aloma Ave., Winter Park, FL.

Craving fresh seafood? Lightly but decadently batterfried? Go directly to Boston’s Fish House, they have been serving up New England seafood cuisine for eons. Located in Orlando’s northeast suburb of Winter Park in a quiet strip mall. I have been coming here for almost 16 years and the quality, freshness, and superb taste never ever ever has faltered.

I like a taste of everything so I get the  combo platter. Shrimp, scallops, fish, your choice of clams ( I always have Ipswich clams), onion rings, and choice of 2 sides. I generally have french fries and coleslaw or broccoli salad. Both fab, cannot go wrong. You may have your seafood either fried or broiled. This is not to be messed with by having it broiled….batterfried is the only way to go….or just don’t go. Stay home and eat a carrot.

The combo is a gigantic amount of food, that is why I consider it a shared entrée. If you prefer a single entrée item, the shrimp (always sweet and moan-worthy), scallops, or Ipswich clams would be stellar choices. The fish is ok, if you bathe it in their perfected tartar sauce, but nothing special otherwise.

The staff is friendly and give excellent service. Eating at Boston’s is a treat for me, one I look forward to, and am never disappointed.

Tips: Closed Mondays and at certain times of year for vacation so check their website. They close daily between 3:25pm and 4:00pm. Large indoor dining room, patio seating, and take out available. Very popular place, lines do form but move fairly quick.

5 out of 5 tartar sauced smootches of seafood perfection.

Mad Girl Eats Smok’n Pig BBQ in Valdosta GA


The Smok’n Pig BBQ, 4228 N. Valdosta Rd., Valdosta, GA. 31602.

Road trippin’ on Interstate 75 in southern Georgia, I found a gem right off the freeway for a tasty meal.  If you’re tired of the Drive-thru, bag full of crapola, cross the street to a happy place. Southern bbq!

I ordered the Smok’n Pig Combo, choose 2 meats from 4 offered (I picked the St. Louis ribs and pork) yum. It’s a nice dinner with bread and 2 sides.  I chose french fries and baked beans. Yay on the fries, nay on the beans. The meat however, freakin’ fantastic. Good bbq sauce as well.

Great spot not far off the I-75. Large full service seating area or take out. If you’re going to eat it on the road and don’t have someone feeding you, get a pork sandwich. Easier eats and not as much sticky sauce hazards.

4 out of 5 smok’n savory bites of porky pig.

Mad Girl Eats Chocolate Bar in Cleveland


Chocolate Bar, 347 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44114.

Headed to the cute Gateway resto, shopping, entertainment district in downtown Cleveland, I got out of the cab, turned, and saw Mecca. The Chocolate Bar. Ahhhhhhh (insert heavenly angels singing). Ok, dessert spot, done.

Hurry up and find some dinner and let’s get to dessert ASAP. Surprisingly, Chocolate Bar has a huge menu. Lunch, dinner…crazy! I’m sorry, but when I see a place called Chocolate Bar, I’m going in for a chocolate dessert or a chocolate martini. Leave the salad or chicken to someone else.

A lush offering on their off-the-charts dessert menu and OMG martini menu. I was on the prowl for decadence. Their Chocolate Dipped Strawberry martini looked fab, but I was hungry for ice cream, so the Peanut Butter Panic was about to go down! A sundae of luscious dark chocolate and vanilla ice cream, homemade hot fudge (dip me in a vat of it, please), chocolate brownie, peanut butter sauce, chocolate pieces, and fresh whipped cream. A bowl of outrageous tastes and happiness….for $8.95.

You may be in a sugar coma after, so drink plenty water, but oh so worth it. Sorry no pic of sundae, dueling spoons threatened to leave me without my fair share. Gone baby gone!

Sexy cool place in the evening. Chocolate fondue for two, sharing dessert makes for a hot date idea.

4 out of 5 spoonfuls of chocolate passion.

Mad Girl Eats The Varsity in Atlanta


The Varsity, 61 North Avenue, Atlanta, GA, 30308.

Driving thru downtown Atlanta on I-75 during afternoon rush hour is no joke. It was 5 pm, I was agitated with traffic and ready for a break and a bite. A quick hop off the Interstate is the World’s Largest Drive-In restaurant and edible icon in the ATL, The Varsity. Seen on the Travel Channel’s Food Paradise/Hot Dog Paradise…let’s try it!

“What’ll ya have, what’ll ya have?!” I know going in, I’m having hot dogs…which they are known for. Don’t be a burger connoisseur and order a hamburger, you may be disappointed. I want a classic flavor dog and something bright, so a chili dog with onions and mustard and one slaw dog, will be what I’ll have! Round it out with their freakin-licious onion rings and a Coke and we’re golden.

I love their chili dog, excellent chili. I also have become crazed with coleslaw on my sandwiches. It just gives it a nice bonus crunch and lush flavor. Coleslaw on a ‘dog’, not bad at all, but I’ll stick with my chili dog…with maybe some cheese.

Tips: Eat in your car if you wish, or plenty of seating indoors. Indoors, usually long lines that move quickly. Quickly because they aren’t messing around with you, know what you want to order when you reach the counter. They are very efficient, so keep up! Don’t forget your paper diner hat! V chic.  for menu and more locations.

4 out of 5 U-rah-rah cheers for The Varsity!

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