Mad Girl Eats Angie’s Subs in Jax Beach


Angie’s Subs, 1436 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville Beach, FL.

Need to grab a sandwich going to or from the beach? Angie’s Subs is your spot. Eclectic, laid back, and friendly staff…with mad delish sandwiches and some of the best southern sweet tea this side of Great Granny’s house. Cold subs, Italian subs, and their “Old Stand By’s” give you many versions to choose from and offers an array of salads as well. Always seeking something different, I ordered The Sweet Tedd T, off the Old Stand By’s menu. You soon learn, anything with their special Peruvian sauce on it, is the way to go.

The Sweet Tedd T. had roast beef, turkey, bacon, provolone cheese, Peruvian sauce, and I had it with Knick Knack (coleslaw) the first time, and with lettuce, tomato and mayo the second. The sub is toasted in a pizza oven that creates a bonus of added flavor, instead of the common steamer crapola. The atmosphere added to my decision to try the Funky Fusion kettle chips and I couldn’t pass up their highly touted Best Sweet Tea in Town.

Go sit and wait for your sub to be delivered, you can’t help but notice the uber cray cray array of decor. Very entertaining…and my type of place when I want complete coolness and no bull. You will also notice the gigoondo squeeze bottle of Peruvian sauce on each table. I couldn’t wait to try, so I open up my Funky Fusion chips and added a dollop of Peruvian sauce. Addictive! I highly recommend the combo, and heightened funkdified flavor.

Toasty warm sandwich delivered. Both literally and figuratively. This will flip your flip-flops folks. The Sweet Tedd T. is a winner! The mix of meats, cheese, sauce, and Knick Knack is mouth-watering. Definitely have the Knick Knack on your sub, if available. The crunch and sweetness is a smart contrast.  Next visit, The Peruvian sub and The Jack Del Rio Grande is what I’ll be diving into.

If you want a memorable sub, hit up Angie’s near Jax beaches. One of the best subs I’ve had in a very long time.

As seen on The Travel Channel.

Open Mon-Sat 10am-9pm, Sun 11am-4pm

5 out of 5 kowabunga points for awesomeness, dude.  😉

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