Mad Girl Eats Boma at Animal Kingdom in DisneyWorld


Boma – Flavors of Africa, Animal Kingdom Lodge, DisneyWorld, 2901 Osceola Pkwy, Lake Buena Vista, FL.

Not generally a fan of restaurants located in theme parks, DisneyWorld knows their stuff and offers not-to-be-missed hot spots…like Boma. Keeping with their theme, Boma gives you vibrant and alluring flavors from around Africa. How cool is that?! It is time to try something intriguing with a hint of exotic. Looky…

Watermelon Rind salad, Tunisian Cous Cous Salad, Mulligatawny, Coconut Curry Seafood Stew, Durbin Style Chicken, Kool Skaai, Harira Soup, Bobotie, Mater Paneer, Fufu….just to name a few African dishes I delighted in tasting. Have no fear fraidy cats and kiddos, the buffet has an offering of American comfort food to fill you up and give you happy pants.  Beautiful meats, salads, sides, breads, and not to be left out…..da da ta da a ridiculous dessert bar.

Gluten free? Tell your server. My table neighbor said the Chef came out and escorted her through the buffet pointed out what was gluten-free (almost everything) then later brought her an outrageously beautiful array of gluten-free dessert. wpid-20130324_203325-1_wm.jpgSuperior customer service, as always, Disney style.

The Jambo House (Lodge) itself is completely gorgeous. Stay and enjoy before or after you eat. The atmosphere is a lot to take in, so take your time and embrace it.

Reservations are a great idea. or 407-938-4722. Self parking, no charge, available.

I’ve been coming here for 10 years. Recently, they jacked their prices up to $39.99. I didn’t see anything added to the spread, but I’d rather pay for outstanding food, service, and experience I can’t get at home, than fork out money for ho-hum eats.

4.25 out of 5 Mickey fist pumps.

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