Mad Girl Eats Franklin BBQ in Austin


Franklin Barbecue, 900 E 11th St, Austin, TX.

Stories of early morning starts, at least 2 hour waits in the heat, tailgate atmosphere, running out of food…..all true. All worth it???

Learning that Bon Appetit named Franklin’s numero uno in the country for BBQ,  and given many many more accolades from culinary glitterati, who would pass the opportunity to try it?! But really, waiting in line 2 hours before the place even opens? It is summer in Texas people, you nutso?! Okay, let the adventure begin….

Arrived in line at 9:20am with approximately 75 people in line ahead of me. The restaurant opens at 11:00am.Staff asks what you will be order to gauge what will sell out and when. I was second to last to get ribs. OMG. An estimation of  getting your food is handed down from the powers-that-be from Franklin’s. 1:30pm Yes, I said 1:30pm I should be reaching the counter inside the restaurant to order my food.

The day is overcast, but when that sun peaks out…its a freakin’ nightmare. NO shade throughout the parking lot until you reach the shade of the building…in which you will also find misters to cool. A tailgate feeling for sure. Lawn chairs, umbrellas, coolers, games, and bbq camaraderie. A guy across the street will rent you a chair for  bucks. Girls come thru selling cold drinks. There is a cooler jug of ice water and paper cups next to the building.

Okay, after 4 hours at approximately 1:35, I made it to meat mecca. Ribs and beef brisket please! Order. Get drink. Sit. Eat. Moan. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. The best beef brisket I have ever eaten. Hands down the best. Ribs…cannot be beat, but must say they tie with Oklahoma Joe’s in Kansas City. Worth the wait? HELL YA!

If you show up later, your choice of meats may sell out. Aaron Franklin makes only a certain amount every day. He does not want to warm and resell any meat from the previous day, hence the limited amount. Street parking. Tip: Get there at 8am for shade and best choice. You will get in at 11, when they open with good chance of no waiting. Closed Mondays. Open for lunch, 11am until sold out. Check website

I’ve tried BBQ from every region, all over this United States. Franklin Barbeque, tied for BEST BBQ in America.

As seen on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, Travel Channel’s Food Paradise, Unique Eats.

5 out of 5 lick my fingers and smack my momma, that is some amazeballs barbecue!

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