Mad Girl Eats The Griddle Cafe Hollywood


The Griddle Café, 7916 Sunset, Los Angeles, CA.

Need a decadent breakfast? Stop here. Really. Sinfully shameful goodness on a plate. Start with a coffee…your choice of roasts AND your own personal French press delivered to your table. B freaking brilliant. That was an unexpected sign this was going to be an epic breakfast.

I knew going in I was to order the red velvet pancakes, the picture I saw of it was drool-worthy. Feeling oh so naughty, let’s try the Devil’s Daydream French Toast also. If you’re going to do it, do it big!

Big is what arrived! The red velvet pancake was the size of a platter, with a mesmerizing swirl of cream cheese frosting and heavy-handed sprinkle of powdered sugar. Tender, moist, rich red velvet goodness, add maple syrup and what you have is a sugar mongers bliss. Ah-mazing. Chocolate lovers, I didn’t leave you out.

With a name like Devil’s Daydream, just imagine what this is going to deliver! Thick luscious chocolate bread, loaded with semisweet chocolate pieces, dipped and griddled into a delectable French toast, topped with whipped cream and finished with both powdered sugar and cocoa. This was definitely a dream. I ate it like someone was going to steal it from me. Maple syrup just added the extra bam that sent me over the edge. If you eat this without sounding orgasmic, you’re not doing it right. This devil is daydreaming of when I can get back to Hollywood and eat more of their menu.

Tip: The coffee helped cut the sweet a bit, but get a side of bacon, sausage, or egg or you will be in a sugar coma.

Near the intersection of Sunset and Fairfax, next to the Director’s Guild of America building….hard to miss this large black glass modern office building on the corner. Maybe you’ll have a bite with Spielberg or Scorcese, you never know! Free side street parking.

Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-4pm, Sat-Sun 8am-4pm.

5 out of 5 bodacious bites of breakfast nirvana.

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