Fab Food Finds of 2013


2013 was a very lucky year for finding fabulous food venues serving up scrumptious bites. I could, with good conscience, state that every restaurant on Mad Girl Eats is only featured because they were superior. They may not all be fancy, but great food doesn’t have to be….that is where some people get confused. Step out of your own way and open up to food from every nook and cranny available. Arrogance with food is like everything else, you miss out on a lot of greatness by being an ignorant ass.  😉

Here are some places that I had memorable (OMG) eats in 2013…but mostly, the yearning to return hasn’t subsided.

*  Cochon Butcher, New Orleans LA. Their homemade Charcuterie platter and Pork Belly sandwich was life changing. My greatest regret was leaving this restaurant to the last-minute on the way out-of-town. Next time it will be my first and my last stop….with at least a stop inbetween.

Franklin Barbeque, Austin TX. The 4 hour wait was worth it. Incredible, mind-blowing beef brisket and ribs. AMAZING. Plan and go. Now.

* Paseo, Seattle WA and Key West FL. I’ve been to both and both are consistently superb. The Roasted Pork sandwich is what brings the long lines in Seattle. The addition of roasted, buttered, and herbed up corn on the cob in Key West leaves me yearning for…corn! A beautifully blissful menu. You can’t go wrong at Paseo.

Reggae Shack Cafe, Gainesville FL. If you need a Jamaican food fix and can’t get to Jamaica, get yourself to the Reggae Shack Café, Mon. Their food will have you singing Bob Marley for days, and their Oxtail will have you wanting to move in.

* The Griddle Café, Hollywood CA. Superb place for outlandish and decadent breakfast. Red velvet pancakes and the chocolate-y Devil’s Dream French Toast. Coffee served by way of personal French Press. Can’t wait to return and dive into more sinful goodness in La La Land.

* Crisp, Chicago IL.  Chicken. Bad ass chicken. The tastiest, most flavorful Korean fried chicken imaginable with Seoul Sassy sauce..(mouth is watering). I should have ordered more to go.

* Banh Mi Nha Trang, Orlando FL. Boom of flavor on these luscious Vietnamese sandwiches. Tiny place, huge amount of happy.

* Paris Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas NV. Breakfast at Les Village Buffet. Crepe station made to order Berry crepe topped with homemade whipped cream, and powder sugar and accompanied by the smoked slab bacon the Chef will carve for you…..moaning OOH LA LA with every bite.!

* Tina’s Crab Shack, Juneau AK. A wet, chilly, windy summer day in Alaska and Tina’s Crab Bisque is one for the ages. Rich, crabby, boisterous flavors….warming the cockles of my heart.

* Datz, Tampa FL. Savvy gastropub and my first ever introduction to Chicken and Waffles. FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC. I’ve tried others around the country and Datz has been the best, hands down.

* David Burke’s Primehouse, Chicago IL. Anything that uses the 40-day Dry Aged Beef is a winner winner All Beef dinner. You want an exuberant blast of exquisite beef flavor? Find your way to Primehouse in downtown Chi. Best Burgers (Burker and Fatty Melt Sliders) I ever had, anywhere, anytime.

* The Abbey, Tucson AZ. This place stood out with its chic and twisted take on American cuisine. If you can take a basic tomato soup and make it fandango, or a board of tidbits you dream about for days, that it is where I want to be.

*Padrino’s, Orlando FL. Cuban done right. Monthly Pig Roast is phenomenal, but get their Cuban sandwich. Killer!

If food stays on your mind, the thought makes your mouth water and has you boasting to others about it….you have found a foodie jewel. Spread the love.

Best Wishes for good health, happiness, love, and fantastic food in 2014!  Cheers!!!


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