Mad Girl Eats Pho 88 in Orlando


Pho 88 Vietnamese Restaurant, 730 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL.

After hearing numerous great things about this Vietnamese restaurant, I knew I had to get there and experience it for myself. Quick and friendly, the staff sat me and helped me with the extraordinarily large menu. Since it was my first venture into Vietnamese, my server was knowledgable, patient, and reserved as to my virgin taste buds. He kept pointing out the most popular dishes along with the word ‘American’. I didn’t want an American watered down version, I wanted authentic, sock-it-to-me Vietnamese cooking. I figured he knew better than I, so I went with the safe, albeit flavorful bet.

I ordered the #5. Shredded pork skin spring rolls, #11. Roasted Quails, #37. Pho Bo with eye round steak and beef balls, #42.Pho Bo with eye round steak, flank, fat brisket, and soft tendon, #114. Chicken stir-fried with rice and vegetables. The appetizers came first and wow, were they nice. The spring rolls were big and chocked full of pork skin and veggie filling, just superb, and made more so by the luscious peanut dipping sauce. Roasted quail, well that was divine. Add a squirt of fresh lime and the little bird sang “Welcome to Flavor Town”! The Pho arrives and none too soon. I was getting over a bad cold (hence the reason for the 2 bowls) and the brothy noodle soup was just what Dr. Feel Better ordered. The bowls were huge! A plate of vegetables accompanied the bowls of Pho. I added bean sprouts and jalapenos for kicks and giggles. Soooo good. The meats were beefy and tender, the noodles and broth were scrumptious. Next up, the Chicken Stir-fry. I was a bit hesitant to order this, I felt I could get this same dish in the Food Court at the Mall. Oh no no no. It was incredible! It may look similar, but the taste was beyond what you’d find at a chain restaurant. Honestly, I couldn’t stop eating it!

The table was happy with the selections, but I plan on going a bit more wild next visit 😉

Open 7 days a week. Hours: Lunch – 10:00 – 4:00pm, Dinner 4:00pm – 10:00pm. Parking lot or street parking.


4.75 out of 5 Pho-nominally delish points.

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