Mad Girl Eats Aloha Poke in Chicago


Aloha Poke Co, in the French Market, 131 N Clinton St, Chicago, IL. Other locations to choose from.

My “partner-in-crime” heard some nice rumblings about this place and I have wanted to check out French Market in the West Loop of downtown Chicago for quite some time. The day finally came and I was not disappointed! Basically, they had me at poke. Give me some ahi poke and you’ve got a friend for life. Yeah, it is that simple.

I didn’t really have a clue as to what i was going to encounter, but the continual long line had me intrigued! As I inched near, you have decisions to make. What size bowl, what kind of rice, what kind of poke, what produce and such add-ins, which sauces, or just get them all in the 808.

I opted for the BIG, brown rice, ahi tuna, and created my own bowl instead of one of their House Creations. Maui onion, seaweed, scallion, avocado, crunch, with sesame oil and spicy aioli.

Oh my GAAAA……it was an incredible dish, exactly everything I love…except I forgot to order the tobiko (eggs). Next time! Also next time, I will get the KAHUNA sized bowl. It was one of my favortie dishes on my entire summer road trip. Oh so super fab, I wanted to don my coconut bra and grass skirt and hula away my happpiness.

Plane, train, automobile, bike, feet. Get there. You’re welcome.

5 out of 5 points of perfection.



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