Mad Girl Eats Norsland Lefse In MN


Norsland Lefse, 210 W Jessie St, Rushford, MN.  Located in Southeastern Minnesota.

Norwegians love lefse, I am part Norwegian. If you don’t have someone who can make it from scratch, you go in search of good lefse. Good, not mediocre. Lefse is similar to a tortilla, but made with potatoes. It is delicious! Norsland Lefse makes good lefse. It is a lefse factory with a quaint restaurant, incredible bakery, and adorable Scandinavian gift shop. Open for Breakfast and Lunch.

I am traditional and like my lefse with butter, but lets try it as a turkey sandwich or breakfast wrap. The sandwich wrap is typical fixings, but I haven’t seen many as a gigundo breakfast extravaganza. Two eggs, hashbrowns, cheese with sausage, bacon, or ham, wrapped in lefse and topped with hollandase sauce. I also tried the grilled  cranberry bread (made in their bakery) turkey sandwich with cheese, onion, bacon, tomatoes. Uff dah! I bought a loaf of cranberry bread to take with me. Phenomenal.

Let me say, the bakery goodness alone is worth the trip to Rushford, Minnesota. The Peanut Cakes are 2D4!

Anyway you roll it, lefse soothes the soul of every Ole and Lena out there. Norske bliss! Tip: They ship!

Hours: Mon – Fri 7am to 4pm, Sat 7am to 2pm, Sundays CLOSED.

4.75 points out of 5.




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