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Born to a Gourmet Cook mother, and a Business Owner father who traveled regularly (taking my Mom and I with), being a Road Trip Foodie was my destiny. After a long career in Fashion, writing about food and travel was a vacationing passion turned unexpectedly into a big deal, when Google discovered me. Now, Mad Girl Eats is traveling and discovering great food in interesting places and sharing it with you. Many places have been on the Food Network, Travel Channel, Bravo TV or in magazines like Bon Appetit and Food and Wine. I enjoy checking out if the food is as good as thou TV personalities and/or shows protest. Some yes…some uhh ‘what were you smoking’ disappointments. Many times, accidentally finding a place on my own that knocks my socks off is the most fun and delicious part!

I prefer to post the Best of the Best. The places that will take you off the Freeway and rock your world. Anyone can give a rotten, negative critique. I post what blows me away and leave off a restaurant that doesn’t. I pay for my own food. I have never received a complimentary meal. If I ever do, I will boldly say so. That said, I’m happy to entertain a Sponsor for travel as every penny spent comes out of my personal bank account. I am proud to be unbiased and enter into every story with integrity. I write how I speak, lyrically. It may not be grammatically correct, but it is how I would talk to my best friend. I get ‘mad crazy’ (that’s a good thing) about fantastic food, I hope you feel that.

When you spend good money to eat somewhere, isn’t it the worst when you leave feeling unsatisfied, ripped off, unpleased, and/or still hungry?! Ugh, I hate that! So I do have excitement when I’m pleased with my experience, and I want to share the goodness with you. I hope you get a chance to visit some of these places and enjoy them as much as I have.

Exciting news: I am in Partnership with Google and their new FieldTrip app, as one of their Publishers. It is wildly cool, especially if traveling to a new place. Try it, you’ll love it..it’s free, user-friendly and no bellyaching about it! It is growing as we speak.

Great food, great life.

Avery, MadGirlEats

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2 responses to “About Mad Girl Eats

  1. Anna Borden

    Hi! Just wanted to tell you What A Great Ideal!!! And if your ever in the deep South as in Alabama, you need to check out the Red Barn. Yep, you guessed it , It was a Barn many years ago! And still looks like one, inside and out! Hey, it still has cobwebs that are probably 75 years old! I kid you not! But the food is Fantastic!!! Especially the Pork loin, they butterfly it and then grill it to perfection! They serve it with a homemade “secret recipe’ yellow/orange spicy sweet with a bite B’Q sauce!!! Yum yum! Any way it’s Good. We eat there every weekend that we go South to our hunting club! Can’t hardly pass it up even though it’s pricey! $17.00, but it’s huge, enough for two or three people. But I Never share! It’s sooo good! Lol
    It’s on HWY 80 in Demopolis Al.
    And if your ever in North West Alabama, my family and I would love to take you hiking. We have many Beautiful Waterfalls here in the Bankhead National Forest! We live in a Cabin in the Woods, we have Chickens, Dogs, Cats, 11 Horses and 1 on the way, hopefully! And many many Barn Swallows that return to there mud nest they built all along the lip of our wraparound porch! They are Wonderful and eat all the bugs!
    Sorry its so long. But with this day and time one cannot be to careful. My husband is a Dentist in the small town 20 minutes North of the Forest. Our Daughter and Granddaughter live with us. So feel free to email me and stop by.
    Thank you! Anna

    • Avery

      Hi Anna!

      Thanks so much for the lovely note and the restaurant recommendation. The Red Barn sounds delicious and delightful! My mouth is already watering for the pork loin and secret recipe sauce. I’ll share a bite, thats it! lol. If I head out west in June, I’ll have to plan on stopping. Your property must be an incredible place to live. If I’m up that way, I’ll let you know!


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