Mad Girl Eats Private Island Nitrogen Ice Cream in Orlando


Private Island Ice Cream, 14650 Gatorland Dr, Orlando, FL.

Entertainment, Science, and sweet ice cream. How much better could that get?! Throw in homemade ingredients, that’s how! Private Island Ice Cream has it all. With a plethora of flavor combos to choose from, the ice cream is made from scratch right in front of your eyes with liquid nitrogen at a subzero temp of -321 degrees F. Private Island (formerly Pure Magic) was the first in Florida to introduce liquid nitrogen ice cream back in 2007.

I ordered chocolate ice cream and added in their homemade caramel and M&Ms. It is pretty interesting to watch this liquid being whisked and squirted with nitrogen, whisked some more, a bit more nitrogen, thickening….adding the goodies, and WALLA! This sweet, richly decadent, extreme flavor, hardened and made to perfection. You order a cup and receive a generous amount of ice cream. Super heavy, intense, did I say rich? Yep, very rich. Wow, just wow. Nice experience.

wpid-20150307_212154-1.jpgLocated across the street from Gatorland on South Orange Blossom Trail, in the Hunter’s Creek neighborhood.

Hours: Sunday – Thursday 1:00pm to 9:00pm, Friday – Saturday 1:00pm to 10:00pm.


4.75 out of 5 very cool treat points.

Mad Girl Eats the BEST German Chocolate Cake. Ever.


C. Adams Bakery, 400 N. Water St, Milwaukee, WI.

Tucked into Milwaukee’s Third Ward Public Market, is C. Adams Bakery. A blissful haven for those of us addicted to sweets. C. Adam’s has an incredible size case, full of homemade delectable baked goods. Cookies, bars, pies, muffins, gooey sweet bread, cakes…I think you get it.

I was so mesmerized, I couldn’t decide which dessert to treat myself to! The smartest decision was to choose the one I rarely see available back home. In my case, it was German Chocolate Cake. In Florida, we can readily find Tres Leches, but hard pressed for German Chocolate anywhere.

Standing four gorgeous dark chocolate layers high, and separated by layers of thick luscious pecan and coconut frosting, this cake was a sight to behold. I had just finished a wonderful late lunch, so I took a slice to go. I made it 3 blocks back to my car, but I couldn’t wait another second to try just a bite. OH EM GEE. One bite, two bites, three bites, four bites…ok, needless to say, the piece of heavenly cake did not make it home.

So rich, so decadent, so freaking unbelievable. Ultra moist and dense cake with fantastic deep chocolate flavor. The frosting was divine, as you could taste all of its finest components of brown sugar, vanilla, pecans, and coconut.

I haven’t gone bonkers over cake in a long time. C. Adams Bakery’s German Chocolate Cake, is one of the best cakes I have ever had.

Stop and get a slice…or a whole cake as soon as you can, it will make you swoon….and super happy. You can thank me later.

5 out of 5   An extreme German Chocolate dream!


MGE: The Harry Waugh Dessert Room in Tampa


The Harry Waugh Dessert Room, 1208 South Howard Ave, Tampa, FL.  Inside Bern’s Steak House.

Bern’s Steak House is notably one of the best Steakhouses in the nation. On the second floor of Bern’s Steakhouse, is one of the best dessert rooms in the world! If you have a sweet tooth, enjoy a sugar high…or a sugar coma, or always think about dessert before you order dinner, then The Harry Waugh Dessert Room is for you! It is magic.

You enter the steakhouse lobby to a 2 story entry of rich reds, mirrors, and smoldering atmosphere. After checking in (you need a reservation), you are instructed to walk through the restaurant, past the glassed-in kitchen, to the stairway (to heaven)…otherwise known as the steps to the 2nd floor. Greeted at the top, you are whisked away through wooden passage ways, noticing that every table has its own walled cubby. Ah-mazing! As I am seated, I am handed a bible sized dessert menu. Yes, it will blow your mind. Desserts, dessert wines, cheeses, …anything you ‘d wish for. On the wall is a phone with a direct line to the wait staff, and your own selection of music. Fabulous!

Perusing this menu was so entertaining. I didn’t really have to hem and haw over anything, I knew going in what I wanted. Chocolate all the way, baby! I grew up with chocolate malted, not Hershey syrup, but the jar of powdered chocolate malt for milk. Bringing back sweet childhood memories, I ordered the mega Malted Chocolate Cake. It wasn’t just cake. It also came with a mini chocolate malt, and a malted chocolate mousse.  Oh Mama….this was tremendous. The cake…made with Valrhona chocolate crème, dense chocolate cake, and malted marshmallow crème icing. Hold me. The malted chocolate mousse was phenomenal, but the mini chocolate malt was freaking unbelievable! I wanted more! Everything was garnished with the tiniest malted milk balls I have ever seen….and oh so wondrous. This dessert was a chocolate lovers dream.

Also ordered was the Vintage Chocolate Lush Sundae. A flourless chocolate lush cake, topped with their dreamy homemade ice cream,  fresh whipped cream, chocolate shavings, a strawberry and a side of hot fudge. What more could you want?! Dense, extremely chocolately, and fantabulous! Their dessert menu is overwhelming because everything looks like you want to dive into it ASAP.

Whatever your after dinner treat looks like, you can definitely find something at the Harry Waugh Dessert Room that will make you do cartwheels.

Reservations needed.

Hours for the Harry Waugh Dessert Room: Sun – Thurs 6:00pm to 10:30pm, Fri and Sat 6:00pm to 11:30pm.

5 out of 5 points for an exceptional experience. Food, atmosphere, staff. Perfection!

Mad Girl Eats Donut King!


Donut King,  S. 208 Hwy 27, Minneola, FL.

If you grew up with extraordinary bakeries that made pieces of heaven, called doughnuts, Donut King can’t be missed. In a world of chain supermarket bakeries and institutional tasting doughnut spots, the independent handmade doughnut shop is the king of kings. If you find yourself in Orlando, or traveling on the Florida Turnpike northwest of there, make your way to The Donut King. You will thank me when you do.

Open 24/7, this little shop in the middle of a little country town, offers nothing little. Everything is big, bold, and bodacious and the choices are overwhelming! The front cases house their specialty doughnuts, gigantic and stupendous! The back shelving has their delish regular sized doughnuts we all love. So many sweet delights to choose from, where do you begin?! I start with some of my favorites. Lemon Filled, Maple Frosted, Boston Crème, Jelly Filled. Throw in a few Glazed, Snickers, Strawberry with sprinkles then top it off with an order of beignets! I took a dozen doughnuts to go, but sat and enjoyed beignets and coffee. The beignets were really good, not fluffy and flaky like most, but dense and super heavy. I didn’t care, they tasted fab!

Later, I break open the doughnut box, and dive in. The first thing I noticed was how thick and generous the doughnuts were. I was also happy to have my lemon filled and jelly filled covered in glaze instead of powdered sugar. I don’t know why it’s so freakin’ hard to find glaze coated, but Donut King did it right! Oh mama, the taste was pure homemade, you could really experience it in with the fillings, especially the Boston Crème. Every bite was sensational. Every doughnut was SPECTACULAR! The name says it all, Donut KING!

The doughnuts are the stars, but they also offer a nice menu if you would like a meal. Breakfast foods, New Orleans style dishes, hot dogs, wings, Castle burgers, etc. This space does have a small amount of seating and is open around the clock.

These are the kind of dough delights you dream about and lust after. The doughnuts you crave, and you will. Next time I hope to snag a Red Velvet and a few ultra specialty gems. Welcome to my sugar coma….and doughnut bliss.

Look for the bright blue and yellow stripe awnings.

5 out of 5 perfection




Mad Girl Eats Tibby’s New Orleans Kitchen


Tibby’s,  2203 Aloma Ave, Winter Park, FL. Two more locations in the Greater Orlando area.

The saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, couldn’t be more true than at the Tibby’s location in Winter Park. Set in a generic, blah shopping center, you open the double doors and are instantly transported to gregarious New Orleans. Quickly welcomed and seated by an upbeat and friendly staff, I took my time soaking in the Bourbon St style ambiance. They have a large menu to peruse, all with the N’awlins classics. A must-try today is the Muffuletta, one of my favorite sammies. It states it is just like the original from Central Market in NOLA, so I’m looking forward to this. On their special menu was an interesting “Munday” traditional plate, pork with red beans and rice. Needing a side dish, the New Orleans Potato Salad spoke to me.

My server had a great idea for the Muffuletta, after asking if I wanted it hot or cold. Hmmmm, never had it hot, so she gave me half and half….of a half. Tip: A half of a Muffuletta is good size for 1-2 people. A whole is gigantic, so beware. Their Muffuletta is salami, ham, mortadella, olive salad, swiss cheese and provolone cheese all on a delightful bread that comes direct from New Orleans. I enjoyed this sandwich hot. The cheeses were melty, the meat flavor was more pronounced, and the olive salad makes a bolder statement. Huge flavor blast! The New Orleans Potato Salad was a divine side. Tender potato, eggs, bacon, sausage, olives, pickles, and onion. What’s not to like in that combo of delight?! I always appreciate green olives in my food, it just brightens an otherwise flat dish. Yum! The traditional Munday family dish of pork with red beans and rice was good. For my taste, it did need the Tibby’s Louisiana Hot Sauce on it. Next visit I’ll try the Gumbo, Etouffee,,or Poor Boy.

You can’t visit a New Orleans style restaurant without ending the meal with a sweet treat, like Beignets….and of course that also means, Café Au Lait. Ooohhh yessss. Bring it on! I was sooooo freaking happy with this dessert. This is my breakfast when I’m in New Orleans, and just as cheesin’ to have it for dessert. Gently fried, light and lovely pillows of pastry and  heavy-handed with powdered sugar expertly paired with Café Au Lait, was bliss. Actually, the guy that brought it out to me, shared a great tip. He said, he stirs some the powdered sugar from the Beignets into his Café Au Lait. Genius! It was scrumptious. I have no problem going back just for this as an afternoon treat. Although, they have Bread Pudding to try too. Oy vey!

Great atmosphere, stellar staff, high quality traditional food. Worth stopping for.

Hours: Mon-Thurs 11:00am-10:00pm, Fri-Sat 11:00am-10:30pm, Sun 11:00am-9:30pm.

4.25 out of 5 bright bold and bodacious bites!

Mad Girl Eats Paradise Cheesecakes


Paradise Cheesecakes, 1220 Hand Ave, Suite C, Ormond Beach, FL.  Winter Park Farmer’s Market, 200 W New England Ave, Winter Park, FL.

Paradise Cheesecakes is the most appropriate name for these pieces of heaven. With almost 100 flavors, Paradise Cheesecakes is the epitome of happiness. If you can’t find a flavor you love in alllll that, you have a problem, my friend.

The cheesecakes are light but significant, not overly sweet, and pack a punch of flavor. We all have our favorites, mine are generally more fruity, like Mandarin Orange, Key Lime, Mango, White Chocolate Raspberry. Peanut Butter Cup, Turtle, Chocolate Grand Marnier, Butterfinger all are crowd pleasers as well. I could go on, just go on their website and see what tempting choices they are offering because my mouth is starting to water. or scan the QR above with your smartphone.

I fell in lust with Paradise Cheesecakes over a decade ago on Saturday trips to the Farmer’s Market in Winter Park. The best thing? The owners, Ann and Mike Calamis have kept their product’s high quality and taste profile continuous throughout all these years! Their product line has broadened to take on even more drop dead divine desserts, and more luscious cheesecakes. You can get the cupcake size individual cheesecakes (great for taste testing 😉 or order larger for special occasions. You can’t go wrong, except you may become addicted.

Ann and Mike are awesome people, making awesome baked goods. Go see them at their bakery in Ormond Beach Mon – Fri 9am-6pm, Sat 10am-4pm, or Saturday mornings at the Winter Park Farmer’s Market in Winter Park, FL. Boom shucka lucka!

5 out of 5 Big sugar smootches of paradise perfection.

Mad Girl Eats Mt Lemmon….Pizza in AZ


The Cookie Cabin, 12781 Sabino Canyon Rd, Mt Lemmon, AZ.

Don’t let the name fool you, The Cookie Cabin nearing the top of Mt Lemmon (just outside of Tucson) offers more than cookies. Delectable pizza is waiting for you up about 9,000 feet. You never know what you’re going to get when you order pizza blind.

When the supreme style pizza arrived at the table, I was thrilled! Thick, homemade, with copious amounts of toppings! The flavors and texture were awesome. As I sat in this small log cabin, fireplace going, yummy smells baking in the kitchen, I relaxed and took in the beauty of my surroundings.

The surroundings included the great outdoors, but more importantly, the goodies indoors. Mostly, the decadent and gigantic cookies and desserts passing thru the dining room. Ooh weeee, baby! If the pizza hadn’t filled me to the brim, I would have had an intimate moment with a chocolate chip cookie.

The pizza was fantastic, but save room for a freshly baked, warm cookie. It’s worth the trip up the mountain!

4.5 out of 5 smiles for miles.

Mad Girl Sips Serendipity 3, Las Vegas


Serendipity 3, 3570 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV. More locations around the country.

Directly in front of the mega Caesar’s Palace Resort and Casino, is the pretty and perfectly located Serendipity 3 restaurant and walk-up window. Inside, a large dining area, and outside, a window to get something quick with patio seating available.

Thirsty and hot, the only thing on my mind was Serendipity’s Frozen Hot Chocolate, even though Serendipity has a full menu. The walk up window had a line, but moved fairly quickly. Finally, a beautiful plastic cup of loveliness appeared with full-on whipped cream to delight me like a giggling school girl.

The Frozen Hot Chocolate was rich, not too thick that you’d strain a muscle, and the flavor was undeniable. It was….the flavor of hot chocolate, in frozen form. Go figure. Truly a fabulous treat on an arid day in the desert.

Pricey, but novel and when in Vegas… know the rest.

Hours: 8:00am-11:00pm

4 out of 5 serendipitous thumbs up!

Yum Yum Cupcake Truck in Orlando


I made it to Orlando’s Food Truck Bazaar at the Fashion Square Mall on a hot Sunday evening. With 22 trucks in attendance, I had my choice of cuisines. My first pick was the bright yellow striped truck, Yum Yum Cupcake. I’m a freak for some sweet treats. Dessert choice, done!

Their menu of cupcakes is a nice blend of old school and new trends. I have been fortunate to ‘taste test’ about half of them. Yum Yum’s cake texture is so unbelievable, a nice balance of density, sponginess, and moisture. I spotted my next cupcake victim….a newbie, the Maple Bacon. They generally sell out, so I kept my eye on the place while I ventured around to find dinner.

An hour later I felt like a stuffed pinata, but if Yum Yum is parked right in front of your sweet lovin’ face, it is a must to take one to go! Waiting in line, I spied the sample still on the shelf so I knew the Maple Bacon was available and within my heated grasp. Order up and ready to head home with my edible treasure.

Later that evening…..I wasn’t sure how this was going to go down. Many trying to create the maple bacon combo, really miss the mark. Not Yum Yum! The second I had it in my hot little hand, the maple and bacon aroma filled my head. One big chomp, to get the maple cream cheese frosting and bacon cake together, what a dream! Real maple and bacon flavors. Not too overly sweet, just a perfect blend of flavors and textures I adore together. Next bite involved the piece of bacon atop this fab treat. OMG….was it candied? My sweet tooth is beyond satisfied! I’ll take my bacon this way anytime.

Awesome flavors available.  There is something for everyone, even a delightful Gluten-free Vegan Peachy Keen! HOlla!  for a list of where they’ll be next! Find them, but caution…they are addictive.

5 out of 5 happy sugar high fives.

Mad Girl Eats Nona Blue In Orlando


Nona Blue Modern Tavern, 9685 Lake Nona Village Place Dr, Orlando, FL 32827.

A new eatery opened recently in the booming, golf-loving, perfectly manicured, high-end area of Lake Nona in SE Orlando. Celeb PGA golfer, Graeme McDowell, is one of the owners. Surprising to me, the interior wasn’t overrun with golf memorabilia. a Friday’s on cheesy golf acid. It was moody, cool-chic….and like its name describes, a modern tavern, luxe style. Definitely not “par for the course”. A large bar surrounded with TV screens, beautiful dining area plus a big covered patio for dining and yet another bar. Bonus! A place men will love, and women will be happy.

A broad menu to tickle anyone’s taste buds, first up from the Sharables, Salt & Pepper Calamari. Light fried rings, nicely seasoned, and served with lemon aioli and Thai chili sauce. An excellent start. Also from the Sharables, PEI Mussels in a garlicy butter sauce served with hearty toast. Wow.  The amount of mussels you receive is overwhelming, the flavor was fly-me-to-the-moon fantastic!

You can’t help but take notice of the Nona Blue Plate Special, GMAC & Cheese. It is a must-try. Hunks of lobster, surrounded by pasta and a trio of cheeses melted into an orgasmic sauce, only to be topped off by the sinful addition of smoked bacon. Filthy rich and loved every bite. When you go to a tavern, it is only right to try their burgers. The Nona Blue Burger, a huge burger with blue cheese, thick slices of smoked bacon, with the ‘fixin’s (L,T,O),  all on a toasted brioche. All is right with the world and this burger. Throw it back with a Guinness, and call it a day!

To finish, this doughnut fiend had to order the Hot Cider Doughnuts. Small round pieces of heaven, 2 of each flavor, chocolate, cinnamon, and red velvet. Plated beautifully with assorted squiggles of sauce. Yum. A hole in one with these…I guess it is actually a hole in 6.

What did we walk away with? Nona Blue’s generous portions had the doggie bags lined up! Mussels, Gmac and Cheese, and Nona Blue Burger are going home for a second round later.

Graeme McDowell and associates have a Championship win on their hands. The menu so interesting, I am chomping at the bit to return and try more!

4.5 out of 5 of me lucky charms, it was magically delicious!

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