Mad Girl Eats Skipper’s Smokehouse in Tampa


Skippers Smokehouse, 910 Skipper Rd, Tampa, FL 33613.

Adam Richman’s Best Sandwich in America show, on the Travel Channel, intrigued me to try the star sandwich, the Blackened Grouper Reuben. So, I made my way to Tampa and found Skipper’s Smokehouse. It is quite a place. It looks like a big swamp shanty. Very VERY casual, relaxed wait staff, and southern-back-woods-Redneck-ishVille atmosphere.

Order up for the sandwich of choice, and the Smoked Gator Ribs shown on the Travel Channel’s Man V. Food. The sandwich came on marble rye, a beautiful piece of grouper perfectly seasoned with Cajun spice and blackened to the right degree. The swiss, sauce, and sauerkraut were the right combination to balance it to amazing-ness. Adam Richman moaned after his first bite, I moaned after my first bite. OMG…frightfully delish. Definitely on my top sandwich roster!

The Smoked Gator Ribs on the other hand, were not. Doused with bbq sauce, tiny portion, lacking smokiness…just not good all around. The server never came back to ask how the meal was. She would have found out. When only 2 bites are taken and leave the rest,  then ask for a box…wouldn’t you wonder what’s up? Anyway…

If you don’t mind lackadaisical service and shanty ambiance ( I thought was charming), the Blackened Grouper Reuben is worth the visit. Skip the Gator ribs and try the Cajun popcorn (crawfish tails), Smoked Fish Dip, or Key Lime Pie instead.  Restaurant, bar, music venue.

4.75 out of 5 points for Adam Richman’s sandwich pick.  3 out of 5 for everything else.

Mad Girl Eats Olio in Jacksonville


Olio, 301 E Bay St, Jacksonville, FL.

I love finding a hot lunch spot and when the food lives up to the hype, I’m mad happy! Olio, in downtown Jacksonville is thee place. Their spring menu just came out and what a delish delight! They enjoy using organic and local ingredients, you know that adds to freshness and uber flavor. Plus, they cure and smoke their own meats and make their own pickles. Love it!

The Duck Grilled Cheese, had me at hello. Look. Duck confit, green tomato, gruyere, and american cheese all on a sourdough bread. Grilled up and oozing fabulosity…a masterpiece.

I also tried the Pork Belly sandwich. Crispy pork belly, fried egg, arugula, bernaise aioli on a ciabatta bun. It was verrry good, but I would have it for breakfast. The Duck Grilled Cheese taste was just too freaking fantastic, it was the stellar standout.

I look forward to going back and trying more of their tantalizing menu of beautiful soups, bountiful salads, and bodacious sandwiches.

Tip: Large dining area, easy to find location, street meter parking (bring quarters..25 cents for every 30 minutes), and food worth the quick jaunt off of I-95, open 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday – Friday.

As seen on on The Travel Channel, Adam Richman’s Best Sandwich series. It made it to the Finale, the best of the best sandwiches in America. Yeah, pretty flippin’ good.

5 out of 5 monster flava best sandwich points!

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