Mad Girl Eats Cafe Rolle, Sacramento


Café Rolle, 5357 H Street, Sacramento, CA.

Heading north on I-5 in northern California, it was time for a late lunch before heading into the Cascade mountains for the rest of the day…and night. Café Rolle in Sacramento was a perfect respite and exactly what I had in mind. A quiet little place with superior food, something refreshing that wouldn’t sit heavy on the stomach while riding in the car for eons, but would squelch huge hunger.

Chef William Rolle’s menu was filled with beautifully authentic French offerings, making choices difficult. When you have a French chef, who wouldn’t want to devour the entire menu?! Although it was lunchtime, I had to try one of the appetizers, so I opted for a luscious duck pate served with cornichons, whole-grain mustard and slices of French bread.

A hot sandwich and one cold would be excellent choices, both on crusty French baguettes….ooh la la. The Croque Lamb Monsieur Sandwich was filled with warm rich lamb, melted Gruyère cheese, and finished with garlic mayo, tomato and greens. Delicieux! It was a blistering hot day, so a cold no-muss-no-fuss sammie is what this chick needed. Order up for a simple Brie Sandwich. Fabulous brie cheese, juicy ripe tomato, tarragon mayo, walnut and spring greens. Uncomplicated, fresh, clean, satisfying. I could eat this sandwich every day. Magnifique!

Café Rolle is a treasure. Whether you’re living or playing in Sacramento or NoCal, or passing through on the Interstate….stop. Get yourself to Café Rolle. It’s a quaint French bistro that serves up big French flavor. Save room for the Crème Brulee!

As seen on Diners ,Drive-Ins, and Dives.

Parking available in small parking lot in front of café, or parking on side streets.

Hours: LUNCH Tues-Sat 11am-3pm, DINNER Wed-Fri 5:30p-7:30p. CLOSED SATURDAY NIGHT, SUNDAY, MONDAY.

Cinq sur cinq (5 out of 5)  points of excellence.

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