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Cid’s Filipino Restaurant, 1328 N John Young Parkway, Kissimmee, FL.

I was searching for a good Filipino restaurant since eating at one in Chicago and again watching Andrew Zimmern enjoying some Crispy Pata. It was time to delve back into some awesome Filipino eats and I came upon Cid’s.

Cid’s is located in a strip mall right off the main drag in Kissimmee, John Young Parkway and Hwy 192/ Vine St., a suburb of Orlando. It’s a little hole-in-the-wall, but generally those venues create the best food. An interesting menu, it was time to have a new experience. Definitely the small cigar looking Lumpia, (spring rolls and eggrolls are my jam) these will be right up my gullet alley. Siopao(steamed bun) and Lechon Kawali (pork belly) will round out this lunch. This is a pretty basic introduction into Filipino food if you’re a beginner.

All three choices come with their own sauce, which I love. I’m a saucy chick. Everything looked amazing and made my mouth water. First up, the Lumpia. Oh yes, crispy outer with a nice filling of ground meat and spices. The sauce was very mild, so I dipped them in sweet chili sauce when I got home. Excellent! The Siopao (Special asada) was filled with a mixture of chicken, pork, Chinese sausage and egg. Delicious! Big, squishy, warm and a good amount of filling for a steamed bun. So tasty, with good sauce.

The Lechon Kawali is in a word…..awesome. Crispy skin, flavorful, fatty meaty pieces of pork heaven dipped in a golden sauce. I was told they have a customer who uses it to make tacos at home. Great idea! Sooooo good.

Very warm and welcoming people at this restaurant. Thoughtful with their food, and even packing it to go. To keep the integrity of the food, they cut an opening in the top of the container. Magical idea!

I will be back for their Crispy Pata next time, and their Daing Na Bangus. It is a whole fish that is marinated and fried. Freaking fabulous!

Hours: CLOSED MONDAYS. Tues: 11:00am – 6:00pm, Wed – Sat: 11:00am – 8:00pm, Sun: 11:00am – 5:00pm. ** Last Dine-In 30 minutes before closing.

5 out of 5 Fantastic Filipino Points

Orlando Food Truck Finds: Caro-Bama BBQ


I attended the Great American Pie Festival in Celebration, FL. Did I indulge in the all-you-can-eat Pie Buffet? Heck no, I had BBQ! Stuck in my love of Kansas City bbq, I was never drawn to Carolina or Alabama style. Never a quitter,  I knew it was time to try. I’ve been anticipating the first bite from the Caro-Bama BBQ food truck since I read about it on Twitter. The timing was never right for me to catch up with them until they participated at the Great Pie Festival.

Nothing was more appropriate to order than the Kitchen Sink. I wanted to try it all and taste everything. This was it! A mix of pulled pork, beef brisket, pulled chicken, bbq baked beans, coleslaw, Sweet Home Sauce, Bama White Sauce, banana peppers, jalapeno, all on a delectable open bun.  *Take a breath. That’s a big load! OMGeez Louise. This was incredible…you could hear moaning by the lake (sorry) ha 😉 This hit every salivating note and flavor you’d want in your bbq.  Meats were spot on tender and smoky and the addition of baked beans and coleslaw was sinfully good. Send it over the top, the peppers added a kick if you need it, and their sauces… know I’m a sauce junkie and these gave me a happy high.

Bama white sauce is a creamy tangy bbq sauce from North Alabama and the Sweet Home Sauce, another Bama fave, has a sweet tomato-base. Just hook a BBQ sauce I-V up to me now.  They have 5 sauces to choose from, so pick your delish poison and get on with it! I can’t wait to eat thru the entire menu. Doesn’t look like a bummer in the bunch.

If you’re in Central Florida, find this truck. I mean it, find it!  for their schedule.

You can thank me later.

5 out of 5, a high I Q

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