Mad Girl Eats Café Du Monde


Café Du Monde, 800 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA.

Café Du Monde is a glorious, well-known institution in the French Quarter, bringing joy since 1862. It is a ‘must’ when visiting New Orleans. Open 24 hours a day, anytime is a great time for a cup of café au lait and an order of beignets.

The café au lait is made with half coffee (a French heritage coffee and chicory blend) and half dreamy creamy hot milk. One order of beignets gives you 3 warm angelic pillows of fried heaven, covered in powdered sugar. Tende,r flaky, golden goodness pairs perfectly with café au lait. Sitting indoors or out in the large covered patio, there is no better way to start your morning. If you’re lucky, there is live music to enjoy. Either way, you get tasty treats, great atmosphere, and happy people. Enjoy!

Tips: Beware not to inhale while taking a bite of your beignet. You’ll get powdered sugar filled lungs and a coughing fit on top of it….yeah, it happened to me. It’s also advisable not to wear black, as the sugar has a mind of its own…under the ceiling fans. Yes, that happened also. Live and learn, now I’m a pro!

5 out of 5 perfect powdered sugar smack-a-roos!

As seen on “Man v Food” and “Food Paradise” on The Travel Channel.

Mad Girl Eats Killer Poboys in New Orleans


Killer Poboys, 811 Conti St, New Orleans, LA.

A poboy sandwich in New Orleans is a must-eat, upon entering New Orleans. Located in the French Quarter, just off Bourbon St, is Killer Poboys found in the back of the Erin Rose bar. Yes, enter bar, walk thru, end up in Killer Poboy resto. Just do it. It’s tiny, but the poboys are huge on flavor! It is an eclectic place, like their menu, and the people are very cool.

This is not your average poboy sandwich. This is creative and the flavors are well thought out. Sandwich special combinations change regularly, I hope you get to try the Lamb Meatloaf as I did… ooh we honey, fabulous! A mainstay on their menu is the Guinness and Garlic Braised Beef with horseradish aioli and pickled onions. So freaking good. Swig it back with a beer and you are in a happy place.

Killer Poboys. Go!

Hours: Wed-Sun 12pm-12am

4.75 out of 5 killer taste points.

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