Mad Girl Eats Hot Dougs in Chicago

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Doug decided to close up shop. What a shame, this was my go-to spot every visit to Chicago. Doug and his Hots are terribly missed.

Chicago is one of the greatest Foodie Towns in the world. Lunch here can be simple or high end, both can be economical. I’m doing a mix of lunch sampler posts honoring a few of my fave Chicago lunch go-to spots. First up…

Hot Dougs, Sausage SuperStore and Encased Meat Emporium, 3324 North California Ave, Chicago, IL 60618. This small resto has jumbo flavor and creative concoctions. Hot dogs and sausages range from $2.00 upward and maybe over $9.00 depending on your choice of crazy bites. At times I try their Game of the Week.wpid-20120723_113331.jpg  Once a Rattlesnake sausage, this past summer Kangaroo sausage, both extreme goodness. Other outrageously delicious sausages and ‘dogs’ I’ve fallen in love with: Fois Gras and Sauturnes Duck sausage with truffle aioli, fois gras mousse and fleur de sel, a Boudin Blanc sausage masterpiece, and my all time pick for Best Chicago Hot Dog, “The Dog”…for 2 bucks and all the quality and flavor you could ask for in a Chicago-style hot dog.wpid-20120723_114239.jpg Listed on Anthony Bourdain’s, “Places to Eat Before You Die”. I concur. I love Hot Dougs!

Tips: Cash Only. Doug himself will take your order and money. Nice nice guy. Duck Fat Fries…2die4..only available Fri and Sat. Resto regular Hours are Mon-Sat 10:30am – 4:00pm. Long long lines do form, I get there at 10am.  Closed 2 weeks over Christmas and New Year. Updates on their website.

5 out of 5. Hands down happy tummy.


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