Mad Girl Eats Nona Blue In Orlando


Nona Blue Modern Tavern, 9685 Lake Nona Village Place Dr, Orlando, FL 32827.

A new eatery opened recently in the booming, golf-loving, perfectly manicured, high-end area of Lake Nona in SE Orlando. Celeb PGA golfer, Graeme McDowell, is one of the owners. Surprising to me, the interior wasn’t overrun with golf memorabilia. a Friday’s on cheesy golf acid. It was moody, cool-chic….and like its name describes, a modern tavern, luxe style. Definitely not “par for the course”. A large bar surrounded with TV screens, beautiful dining area plus a big covered patio for dining and yet another bar. Bonus! A place men will love, and women will be happy.

A broad menu to tickle anyone’s taste buds, first up from the Sharables, Salt & Pepper Calamari. Light fried rings, nicely seasoned, and served with lemon aioli and Thai chili sauce. An excellent start. Also from the Sharables, PEI Mussels in a garlicy butter sauce served with hearty toast. Wow.  The amount of mussels you receive is overwhelming, the flavor was fly-me-to-the-moon fantastic!

You can’t help but take notice of the Nona Blue Plate Special, GMAC & Cheese. It is a must-try. Hunks of lobster, surrounded by pasta and a trio of cheeses melted into an orgasmic sauce, only to be topped off by the sinful addition of smoked bacon. Filthy rich and loved every bite. When you go to a tavern, it is only right to try their burgers. The Nona Blue Burger, a huge burger with blue cheese, thick slices of smoked bacon, with the ‘fixin’s (L,T,O),  all on a toasted brioche. All is right with the world and this burger. Throw it back with a Guinness, and call it a day!

To finish, this doughnut fiend had to order the Hot Cider Doughnuts. Small round pieces of heaven, 2 of each flavor, chocolate, cinnamon, and red velvet. Plated beautifully with assorted squiggles of sauce. Yum. A hole in one with these…I guess it is actually a hole in 6.

What did we walk away with? Nona Blue’s generous portions had the doggie bags lined up! Mussels, Gmac and Cheese, and Nona Blue Burger are going home for a second round later.

Graeme McDowell and associates have a Championship win on their hands. The menu so interesting, I am chomping at the bit to return and try more!

4.5 out of 5 of me lucky charms, it was magically delicious!

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