Outstanding and Easy Recipe for Candied Orange Peel


AH-MAZ-ING! If you want to do something different and interesting for use in drinks, decorative touches, or plain old fun for your sweet tooth, this recipe if easy and a goodie to have in your repertoire. The original recipe is from The Chew.

After you peel your orange…I usually cut off the ends, then cut three wide slices. Super easy to eat, and less messy. Take a paring knife to your peel and gently cut away the bitter pith from the peel. Please take it slow so you don’t cut your fingers! I then take a zip lock bag and start accumulating enough peel to make it worth my while, 5 or 6.

Step 1: Blanch the orange peel in boiling water for 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water and put in a cold water bath.

Step: 2: Make Simple Syrup. 1 cup water and 1 cup white granulated sugar. Bring to boil in med saucepan, add blanched orange peel to syrup, turn down heat and simmer for 45 minutes. Carefully take out peel with tongs and gently tap off excess liquid.

Step 3: With granulated sugar in a shallow bowl, roll peel in sugar to cover. Lay peel on a plate to dry completely. Turn over so both sides get air-dried. The longer the better.

Step 4: Enjoy! They will taste like the old fashion orange slices in the candy section! Store in an air-tight container.

Highly addictive, but they are real fruit peels…so they’re healthy, right?  😉

P.S. Eating straight, too much gave me a little numb feeling in my mouth. Just to warn you.

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