Mad Girl Eats Fish Tacos in Ensenada Mexico!


The Ensenada open air Fish Market is at the seaport/marina on the main coastal highway, Federal Hwy 1. Downtown is directly across the street.

Ensenada = fish tacos. The home of the fish taco, the first, the best. Strolling past the myriads of open-air restaurants along the seaport fish market, they all look similar and have boisterous greeters to reign you in. Chef Rick Bayless was here and had me intrigued to return! Let’s eat!

Fresh seafood, beautiful dishes, so much to choose from! Fish tacos, of course, ceviche, and shrimp cocktail washed down with a Corona and life is good. Delectable lightly batterfried fish with fresh cabbage on homemade corn tortillas, just add the abundant choices of salsa and crema placed on the table with a squirt of lime, and you’re ready to rock n roll. The ceviche was placed on a tostada topped with sliced avocado. Oh so amazing. The shrimp cocktail had generous amounts of shrimp, fish, and octopus! It doesn’t get better than that!

Absolutely delicious, fresh, clean, amazing food. I wish I lived closer!

Check out the Fish Market restaurants at the port, or across the street on many corners of downtown. Peruse the fish market itself while there, you’ll appreciate it if you’re a Foodie. It was my first encounter with Geoduck (Gooey duck) beside what I’ve witnessed on Chopped! Interesting.

5 out of 5, fresh and freakin’ awesome food!

Mad Girl Eats Tako Cheena in Orlando


Tako Cheena, 932 Mills Ave, Orlando, FL.

I had a hay-day ordering takos (tacos) off this Asian Mexican Latin swirly cool menu at Tako Cheena. I’m crazy for anything Asian BBQ, so some choices were easy, but I also heard they make a fab fish taco so let the taste testing begin!

They offer Daily Specials, from this, the Hawaiian chicken tako was ordered. A nice array of takos were chosen off the regular menu; Thai Peanut Chicken, Korean Beef, Asian Braised Beef, Panko Crusted Cod, Chinese BBQ Char Siu Pork Belly, and to round it out let’s try a Asian hot dog.

Hits: Korean Beef, with mixed cabbage sesame seed, cilantro and Kimchi slaw. Asian Braised Beef, pulled beef marinated in ginger, hoisin spice, with mixed cabbage, ginger scallion oil and cilantro (MY ULTIMATE FAVORITE). Chinese BBQ Char Siu Pork Belly, with mixed cabbage, cilantro, ginger scallion oil and crispy pork rind. Panko Crusted Cod, crunchy and light fish served in a sweet and sour onion sauce, with mixed cabbage and scallions. Plus the Daily Special, Hawaiian chicken tako. Absolutely packed with flavor. Addicted!!!

I love a sweet sauce, but if you don’t, order a side of their special sauces and salsa. They are only 33 cents, so order a few and max out your taste buds. The Asian hot dog (Chinese sweet sausage) wasn’t my thing , but I’m game to try a burrito and empanada next time!

Totally taken with Tako Cheena. It is on a busy street, parking is somewhat difficult, just go to a side street or back street and you’re golden. Small, quirky resto with about 8 tables, and a snack counter facing the picture window. Definitely worth going. Located in the Colonialtown neighborhood of downtown Orlando.

Take note of HOURS: Fri and Sat – 11:00am to 4:00am (great after bar time eats), Sun– 11:00am to 11:00pm, CLOSED MONDAYS, Tues Wed Thurs– 11:00am to 11:00pm.

4.50 out of 5  freaking fantastic tako tastes of happiness.

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