Mad Girl Eat’s Summer Tour 2014!

I’m hitting the road in June on my annual Summer Tour, eating my way around the U.S.A! My itinerary thus far on the first half of my journey is: 


We are still organizing the second half of this trip, but MINNEAPOLIS, MN AND CHICAGO, IL are definite.

If you have any restaurant recommendations in any of these areas, I would love to hear about them! Like my motto says….Food Trucks to Five Star. If it’s a great eat, I want to know. Post them here or connect with me on Twitter @MadGirlEats. Thanks!

Summer is looking pretty fine from here!


Google’s Field Trip App Now for iPhone!


Google has now launched its brilliant Field Trip app compatible for iPhone, previously only for Android. Hallelujah! This is an amazing app, especially if you travel. It notifies you of interests in the area you are walking, biking, skateboarding, jogging, Segway-ing or cruising thru. I’ve been driving around my own city and have cool things pop up that I had no idea about. So fab!

There are many topics to choose from; Architecture, Games, Historic Places & Events, Lifestyle, Offers &Deals, Food, Drinks & Fun, Cool & Unique, Art & Museums, with publishers to pick from there. Click on Food, Drinks & Fun and you’ll find MAD GIRL EATS! It is up to you to select your interests and make it your own.

Here are a couple of screenshots of Mad Girl Eats entries from the Food, Drinks & Fun section.

wpid-Mad-Girl-Eats-1.png wpid-Mad-Girl-Eats-2.png


So, If you were driving down The Strip in Las Vegas, these would pop up, giving you great info on where you may want to find Food, Drinks & Fun…and believe me, you will 😉

So cool, so slick, so freaking informative… having your own personal concierge or private tour guide, with no cost, but all the glory. What the heck are you waiting for?! Get to the iTunes/Apple app store and download this genius find. If you haven’t yet downloaded it for your Android,  go to Google’s Play Store, we’ve been waiting for you to get onboard the Epic Train.

All aboard!

5 out of 5 wpid-Launcher_icon_512px-2.png






Mad Girl Eats Key West

Day Eats: Paseo, 1000 Eaton St., Key West, FL

I ate at the original Paseo in Seattle and was thrilled to find the new Key West version with a broad menu. Hopes of reliving the experience of eating one of my top 5 sammies in the U.S., the Cuban roasted pork sandwich, so close to home turned to reality and it was on!wpid-20121201_123025-1-1.jpg To my joy, they added some other tasty bits. Fire roasted, herb and parmesan topped, corn on the cob….hella yummy. The Fish in Red Sauce is a new favorite…piled on a bed of rice with a bowl of seasoned black beans and a side salad of greens and beets. What a feast…and freaking incredible!wpid-20121201_123011-1.jpg

No seating indoors and only 3 tables and a long bench outdoors. Tip: There is a parking ramp just west of Paseo. Easy breezy parking! Definitely worth the stop.

4.5 perfect mouthfuls out of 5.


Night Eats: Martin’s, 917 Duval Street, Key West, FL

Beautifully chic Martin’s, was a pleasant surprise on Duval Street.  wpid-20121201_210754.jpgThe atmosphere is a South Beach/Manhattan mix. The menu, eclectic and extraordinary. For starters, the Sea Scallop Florentine app was delectable. A generous amount of scallops sautéed in bacon and spinach then finished with gouda.   I could have eaten this alllll night with my Pinot Grigio. Note to self: Upon my return to Key West, stop by Martin’s and order the sea scallop starter x 3.

My maincourse was the Duck Breast “Schwarzwald”.wpid-20121201_214402.jpg A-maz-ing moist duck on burgundy sauce, served with red cabbage, rosemary potatoes, and a roasted pear half with Lingonberry marmalade. A triumphant plate.

My sweet ending was their Creme brulee, (one of my faves) was on-point.

Yes, I chose a heavy-handed, rich dinner. It was worth every morsel. 

5 out of 5 taste makers points. My mouth is watering right now.

Mad Girl Eats

I travel, a lot. I enjoy food, a lot. I also watch food shows, a lot. This is why I seek out restaurants and food trucks that have been featured on TV. A few of my friends do as well. Did you ever wonder if the food on “Best Of” was truly the best? Or why Guy Fieri has an orgasm over so much of the food he tries? I do. I will also bring you raves and graves from other establishments when necessary.

I have been fortunate enough to try some of these tasty morsels and will share my feedback. Plus, Im headed out once again on a road trip and will bring you treats and frivolity from the road!

Oh, by the way, the “Mad” in Mad Girl Eats does not signify “angry” or “upset”, it means mad crazy for food, fun and adventure!

Love & Bacon dipped kisses! Muah!

Mad Girl Eats

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