Mad Girl Eats Oblivion in Orlando


Oblivion Taproom, 5101 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL.

After reading about this place from a myriad of sources I totally respect, I took the leap of faith and went to a “taproom”. I thought I may feel out-of-place, but bravely I sauntered in and was warmly welcomed into a funky, cool, punk rock, edgy atmosphere. I am cool, but none of the rest..ok, maybe a hint of artistic funk. It was nothing and everything I expected.

First off, the staff is completely amazing. Everyone from the Hostess, to the Servers, and the Manager that checked on my table were on-point. The décor was awesome, (the tables were far apart which I appreciate) you just felt special being there. There is a nice sized dining area, a bar, and an area with pool tables and darts in the back. They are known for their burgers, notably, The Hog Wild which seems to rate on many “Best Of” lists. They have a huge Beer list and also Cider list. Cray-zee!

I ordered the Hog Wild Burger, rare, with Tater Tots seasoned with Salt and Vinegar. Also, naked Chicken Wings with Teriyaki on the side and homemade Blue Cheese dressing. A beer is a must in this place, so I got a Haider Weiss…light and incredible. I highly recommend it. The superior thing about Oblivion is there are many flavor choices available to you. Peruse the menu, it tantalizes the taste buds.

Ok, the burger and wings arrive. Let us start with the wings. I like my wings naked, sauce on side if applicable, I don’t like breading. They were naked and golden, just like they had been to the beach all week. The teriyaki sauce was homemade and decadent; rich, with a slight kick. Like the majority of everything they serve, the blue cheese dressing was made from scratch as well. You could taste the pureness, so fab I dipped my salt and vinegar tater tots (done perfectly) in it and made magic! Best wings I’ve had in quite some time.

Burger up! This is not just a burger, this is a freakin’ insanity burger! It should be called Holy Hog Wild because “holy” was the first word that slipped out of my mouth with my first bite. Listen to this….house smoked pulled pork, sharp cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, fried onion straws, house bbq sauce and house smoked bacon. Oh yeah, and it is all on a half pound chuck-brisket-short rib burger and in between a delectable brioche bun. You know it is a sublime burger when you don’t want or need any condiments on it. Have mercy! This smokey sensuously meaty burger will make you cry. It will make you wanna slap somebody, and then when you have gone home, it will make you yearn to return. A carnivore’s dream.


Vegetarian options are offered as well. Nice, right? Check it out. Oblivion Taproom offers its customers the best in food, drinks, rad atmosphere and staff. Damn, I am now obsessed.

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 4pm to 2am. Sunday 4pm to 12am. It’s a taproom, not a tearoom. Closed Mondays. Located just East of Downtown Orlando.

5 out of 5 perfect palate points. If you’re in Orlando and don’t eat here, you’re an idiot.

Mad Girl Eats Cafe Benelux in Milwaukee


Cafe Benelux and Market, 346 North Broadway, Milwaukee, WI.

Brunch is “the thing” to do on the weekends in Milwaukee. Brunch and Bloody Mary’s specifically. Cafe’ Benelux is one of the hot spots in downtown Milwaukee, and for good reason. The food and drinks!

With a nod to European flair, the café was named after the Benelux region of Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg and you can tell in the feel and the interesting menu. Beignets with Kahlua Chocolate Sauce, Monkey Bread Skillet, savory or sweet Pannenkoeken,… 7 different Bloody Marys, Mo-Mosas…ah, the list goes on.

Duck Poutine Skillet caught my eye, Cinnamon Streusel French Toast, Eggs Benedict, Frites Cone, and a Kulminator Grilled Cheese would be ordered too. Top it off with a Bier-mosa, Mimosa, coffee, and you know a serious brunch is about to ensue. The drinks and Frites Cone with your choice of 2 dipping sauces arrived first. The Bleu Cheese Buttermilk Dressing and the Sriracha Ginger BBQ sauce were a dynamic match up. The traditional frites were done perfectly. Crisp on the outside, but soft inside. The Bier-mosa was a hit! Fresh squeezed orange juice, blended high-speed with bier. Refreshing! Of course, you can’t go wrong with a Mimosa and this didn’t disappoint. They also offer a Mo-mosa which is a Flemish red sour ale and champagne. I may need to try it next visit.

Just in time, the entrees appear, and what a sight! The Duck Poutine Skillet, well, it was a dish of beauty. French fries, cheese curds, gravy, caramelized onions, duck confit, and topped with 2 fried eggs. Yes, pretty freaking extraordinary! Rich, savory, and every bite delicious. The Eggs Benedict was really good, but with so many other interesting choices, I should have tried the Pannenkoeken instead. The Cinnamon Streusel French Toast was the best French toast I’ve ever had. Wow, the orange marmalade gave the streusel encrusted challah bread a fantastic twist and needed citrus to balance out the richness. Add maple syrup and walla…amazeballz. To finish, the Kulminator Grilled Cheese is one to go back for. Gouda, dill Havarti, American, and Muenster cheeses on Nine grain bread weren’t enough…they had to add thick bacon and roasted tomatoes to make this sandwich a killer!

A memorable spot with a cool vibe, awesome staff, eclectic and excellent food and drink. Café Benelux cannot be missed, anytime of the day or night.

Hours: Monday – Thursday 7:00am – Midnight, Saturday 8:00am – 1:00am, Sunday 8:00am – Midnight. Metered street parking, area parking lots and ramps.  View the menu, but I warn you, it will make your mouth water.


5 out of 5 points of perfectly divine eats.



Mad Girl Tries Some Dang! That’s Good Soda



For the past few years I have lessoned my consumption of sugary drinks, opting for water and fruit and veg juice instead. On the occasion when the food I’m eating warrants a Cola to be paired with, or a lucky little find of an interesting concoction…I go all in!

When Butterscotch Root Beer screams your name from across the beverage section, I do come hither. Yes, Sucker. The Original, Dang! That’s Good brand, makes this rich flavorful drink that just makes you happy. It’s smooth, not like some root beer that bites you back in the throat. It goes down easy.

A delightful treat. Found at Woodman’s in Waukesha, WI…it is bottled is Milwaukee. This is the same grocery store and location I found my treasured childhood soda, Green River. Ahhhh, great memories. Food and drink can really take you back, can’t it?!

Happy Holidays to You and Yours!

Cheers to ALL!

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