Mad Girl Eat’s Summer Tour 2014!

I’m hitting the road in June on my annual Summer Tour, eating my way around the U.S.A! My itinerary thus far on the first half of my journey is: 


We are still organizing the second half of this trip, but MINNEAPOLIS, MN AND CHICAGO, IL are definite.

If you have any restaurant recommendations in any of these areas, I would love to hear about them! Like my motto says….Food Trucks to Five Star. If it’s a great eat, I want to know. Post them here or connect with me on Twitter @MadGirlEats. Thanks!

Summer is looking pretty fine from here!

Mad Girl Loves Korean BBQ Taco Box, Orlando


Korean BBQ Taco Box, Food trucks serving Central Florida and the Washington, D.C area.

Food trucks. Some look down their snobby noses at them, but if you give them a try, you may strike culinary gold. A couple of years ago, I was lucky enough to attend The Daily City’s Food Truck Bazaar (a wrangling of a dozen or two trucks) in Orlando. I immediately was drawn to this bright yellow truck serving up Asian Fusion, Korean style BBQ. Intrigued, I looked at their menu and landed on the short rib tacos. Galbi style short rib tacos, to be exact. That all really meant nothing to me, but they were kind to guide me through and order what would become, one of my favorite eats of all time. Number 8 on the menu, the Galbi Short Rib Taco Box.

It comes with interesting sides. A salad with peanut ginger dressing, an ultra spicy chicken wing, and 2 other Korean delicacies. Let’s get to the star of the box, the Galbi short rib taco. A nice size soft taco filled with a good amount of short rib meat and a helluva lot of flavor. I mean….explosive, rich, sweet and savory, beefy, juicy, drip-down-your-arm morsels of happiness. This is a one bite and you say…”OMG” thing. Moan your way through it. Get your own, because this is one dish you don’t want to share and give up any portion of.

Continually awarded with ‘Best Of’ honors, too lengthy to list. Find a truck, thank me later.

Go to the  to see their schedule for the next Food Truck Bazaar or connect via Twitter @koreanbbq_2011  or to find where their trucks are daily!

5 out of 5 tantalizing tastes of taco box treasures.

Yum Yum Cupcake Truck in Orlando


I made it to Orlando’s Food Truck Bazaar at the Fashion Square Mall on a hot Sunday evening. With 22 trucks in attendance, I had my choice of cuisines. My first pick was the bright yellow striped truck, Yum Yum Cupcake. I’m a freak for some sweet treats. Dessert choice, done!

Their menu of cupcakes is a nice blend of old school and new trends. I have been fortunate to ‘taste test’ about half of them. Yum Yum’s cake texture is so unbelievable, a nice balance of density, sponginess, and moisture. I spotted my next cupcake victim….a newbie, the Maple Bacon. They generally sell out, so I kept my eye on the place while I ventured around to find dinner.

An hour later I felt like a stuffed pinata, but if Yum Yum is parked right in front of your sweet lovin’ face, it is a must to take one to go! Waiting in line, I spied the sample still on the shelf so I knew the Maple Bacon was available and within my heated grasp. Order up and ready to head home with my edible treasure.

Later that evening…..I wasn’t sure how this was going to go down. Many trying to create the maple bacon combo, really miss the mark. Not Yum Yum! The second I had it in my hot little hand, the maple and bacon aroma filled my head. One big chomp, to get the maple cream cheese frosting and bacon cake together, what a dream! Real maple and bacon flavors. Not too overly sweet, just a perfect blend of flavors and textures I adore together. Next bite involved the piece of bacon atop this fab treat. OMG….was it candied? My sweet tooth is beyond satisfied! I’ll take my bacon this way anytime.

Awesome flavors available.  There is something for everyone, even a delightful Gluten-free Vegan Peachy Keen! HOlla!  for a list of where they’ll be next! Find them, but caution…they are addictive.

5 out of 5 happy sugar high fives.

Orlando Food Truck Finds: Caro-Bama BBQ


I attended the Great American Pie Festival in Celebration, FL. Did I indulge in the all-you-can-eat Pie Buffet? Heck no, I had BBQ! Stuck in my love of Kansas City bbq, I was never drawn to Carolina or Alabama style. Never a quitter,  I knew it was time to try. I’ve been anticipating the first bite from the Caro-Bama BBQ food truck since I read about it on Twitter. The timing was never right for me to catch up with them until they participated at the Great Pie Festival.

Nothing was more appropriate to order than the Kitchen Sink. I wanted to try it all and taste everything. This was it! A mix of pulled pork, beef brisket, pulled chicken, bbq baked beans, coleslaw, Sweet Home Sauce, Bama White Sauce, banana peppers, jalapeno, all on a delectable open bun.  *Take a breath. That’s a big load! OMGeez Louise. This was incredible…you could hear moaning by the lake (sorry) ha 😉 This hit every salivating note and flavor you’d want in your bbq.  Meats were spot on tender and smoky and the addition of baked beans and coleslaw was sinfully good. Send it over the top, the peppers added a kick if you need it, and their sauces… know I’m a sauce junkie and these gave me a happy high.

Bama white sauce is a creamy tangy bbq sauce from North Alabama and the Sweet Home Sauce, another Bama fave, has a sweet tomato-base. Just hook a BBQ sauce I-V up to me now.  They have 5 sauces to choose from, so pick your delish poison and get on with it! I can’t wait to eat thru the entire menu. Doesn’t look like a bummer in the bunch.

If you’re in Central Florida, find this truck. I mean it, find it!  for their schedule.

You can thank me later.

5 out of 5, a high I Q

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