Orlando Food Truck Finds: Caro-Bama BBQ


I attended the Great American Pie Festival in Celebration, FL. Did I indulge in the all-you-can-eat Pie Buffet? Heck no, I had BBQ! Stuck in my love of Kansas City bbq, I was never drawn to Carolina or Alabama style. Never a quitter,  I knew it was time to try. I’ve been anticipating the first bite from the Caro-Bama BBQ food truck since I read about it on Twitter. The timing was never right for me to catch up with them until they participated at the Great Pie Festival.

Nothing was more appropriate to order than the Kitchen Sink. I wanted to try it all and taste everything. This was it! A mix of pulled pork, beef brisket, pulled chicken, bbq baked beans, coleslaw, Sweet Home Sauce, Bama White Sauce, banana peppers, jalapeno, all on a delectable open bun.  *Take a breath. That’s a big load! OMGeez Louise. This was incredible…you could hear moaning by the lake (sorry) ha 😉 This hit every salivating note and flavor you’d want in your bbq.  Meats were spot on tender and smoky and the addition of baked beans and coleslaw was sinfully good. Send it over the top, the peppers added a kick if you need it, and their sauces…..you know I’m a sauce junkie and these gave me a happy high.

Bama white sauce is a creamy tangy bbq sauce from North Alabama and the Sweet Home Sauce, another Bama fave, has a sweet tomato-base. Just hook a BBQ sauce I-V up to me now.  They have 5 sauces to choose from, so pick your delish poison and get on with it! I can’t wait to eat thru the entire menu. Doesn’t look like a bummer in the bunch.

If you’re in Central Florida, find this truck. I mean it, find it!  http://caro-bamabbq.com  for their schedule.

You can thank me later.

5 out of 5, a high I Q

Mad Girl Eats Bonefish Grill


Bonefish Grill,  7830 Sand Lake Rd., Orlando, FL. Many locations.

I have a penchant for fish tacos, although, I’m hard pressed to find extraordinary ones outside of Ensenada, Mexico…or the San Diego area. Because I am not a quitter, I jumped at the sight of the Baja Fish Tacos offered at Bonefish Grill. I prefer batterfried fish, but this time the word ‘Cajun’ popped up and knew I had to try.

The fish was cooked Cajun-style and wood grilled. The two tacos were made of delicate, soft corn tortillas, with lettuce, mango salsa (swooning), and sour cream drizzle atop of the flawlessly seasoned fish….finished with a perfect squeeze of fresh lime. A healthy choice with abundant flavor. I liked the bit of kick from the Cajun spice, it woke up the fish and was a primo balance with the mango salsa. Dip me head-to-toe in that mango salsa, it’s just that flipping good!

The plate also came with homemade kettle potato chips. Ummmm, yum. I love the heavy alto crunch they give without sounding like you’re breaking a tooth. The amount of calories and fat grams I saved from the tacos, went directly to the chips….and most likely to my hips. Take a walk, it evens out.

Dynamite delights from Bonefish Grill.

Many locations http://bonefishgrill.com

4.75 out of 5 Arriba Arriba….pure happiness!


Mad Girl Eats Boma at Animal Kingdom in DisneyWorld


Boma – Flavors of Africa, Animal Kingdom Lodge, DisneyWorld, 2901 Osceola Pkwy, Lake Buena Vista, FL.

Not generally a fan of restaurants located in theme parks, DisneyWorld knows their stuff and offers not-to-be-missed hot spots…like Boma. Keeping with their theme, Boma gives you vibrant and alluring flavors from around Africa. How cool is that?! It is time to try something intriguing with a hint of exotic. Looky…

Watermelon Rind salad, Tunisian Cous Cous Salad, Mulligatawny, Coconut Curry Seafood Stew, Durbin Style Chicken, Kool Skaai, Harira Soup, Bobotie, Mater Paneer, Fufu….just to name a few African dishes I delighted in tasting. Have no fear fraidy cats and kiddos, the buffet has an offering of American comfort food to fill you up and give you happy pants.  Beautiful meats, salads, sides, breads, and not to be left out…..da da ta da a ridiculous dessert bar.

Gluten free? Tell your server. My table neighbor said the Chef came out and escorted her through the buffet pointed out what was gluten-free (almost everything) then later brought her an outrageously beautiful array of gluten-free dessert. wpid-20130324_203325-1_wm.jpgSuperior customer service, as always, Disney style.

The Jambo House (Lodge) itself is completely gorgeous. Stay and enjoy before or after you eat. The atmosphere is a lot to take in, so take your time and embrace it.

Reservations are a great idea. http://wdwinfo.com or 407-938-4722. Self parking, no charge, available.

I’ve been coming here for 10 years. Recently, they jacked their prices up to $39.99. I didn’t see anything added to the spread, but I’d rather pay for outstanding food, service, and experience I can’t get at home, than fork out money for ho-hum eats.

4.25 out of 5 Mickey fist pumps.

Mad Girl Eats Angie’s Subs in Jax Beach


Angie’s Subs, 1436 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville Beach, FL.

Need to grab a sandwich going to or from the beach? Angie’s Subs is your spot. Eclectic, laid back, and friendly staff…with mad delish sandwiches and some of the best southern sweet tea this side of Great Granny’s house. Cold subs, Italian subs, and their “Old Stand By’s” give you many versions to choose from and offers an array of salads as well. Always seeking something different, I ordered The Sweet Tedd T, off the Old Stand By’s menu. You soon learn, anything with their special Peruvian sauce on it, is the way to go.

The Sweet Tedd T. had roast beef, turkey, bacon, provolone cheese, Peruvian sauce, and I had it with Knick Knack (coleslaw) the first time, and with lettuce, tomato and mayo the second. The sub is toasted in a pizza oven that creates a bonus of added flavor, instead of the common steamer crapola. The atmosphere added to my decision to try the Funky Fusion kettle chips and I couldn’t pass up their highly touted Best Sweet Tea in Town.

Go sit and wait for your sub to be delivered, you can’t help but notice the uber cray cray array of decor. Very entertaining…and my type of place when I want complete coolness and no bull. You will also notice the gigoondo squeeze bottle of Peruvian sauce on each table. I couldn’t wait to try, so I open up my Funky Fusion chips and added a dollop of Peruvian sauce. Addictive! I highly recommend the combo, and heightened funkdified flavor.

Toasty warm sandwich delivered. Both literally and figuratively. This will flip your flip-flops folks. The Sweet Tedd T. is a winner! The mix of meats, cheese, sauce, and Knick Knack is mouth-watering. Definitely have the Knick Knack on your sub, if available. The crunch and sweetness is a smart contrast.  Next visit, The Peruvian sub and The Jack Del Rio Grande is what I’ll be diving into.

If you want a memorable sub, hit up Angie’s near Jax beaches. One of the best subs I’ve had in a very long time.

As seen on The Travel Channel.

Open Mon-Sat 10am-9pm, Sun 11am-4pm

5 out of 5 kowabunga points for awesomeness, dude.  😉

Mad Girl Eats Skipper’s Smokehouse in Tampa


Skippers Smokehouse, 910 Skipper Rd, Tampa, FL 33613.

Adam Richman’s Best Sandwich in America show, on the Travel Channel, intrigued me to try the star sandwich, the Blackened Grouper Reuben. So, I made my way to Tampa and found Skipper’s Smokehouse. It is quite a place. It looks like a big swamp shanty. Very VERY casual, relaxed wait staff, and southern-back-woods-Redneck-ishVille atmosphere.

Order up for the sandwich of choice, and the Smoked Gator Ribs shown on the Travel Channel’s Man V. Food. The sandwich came on marble rye, a beautiful piece of grouper perfectly seasoned with Cajun spice and blackened to the right degree. The swiss, sauce, and sauerkraut were the right combination to balance it to amazing-ness. Adam Richman moaned after his first bite, I moaned after my first bite. OMG…frightfully delish. Definitely on my top sandwich roster!

The Smoked Gator Ribs on the other hand, were not. Doused with bbq sauce, tiny portion, lacking smokiness…just not good all around. The server never came back to ask how the meal was. She would have found out. When only 2 bites are taken and leave the rest,  then ask for a box…wouldn’t you wonder what’s up? Anyway…

If you don’t mind lackadaisical service and shanty ambiance ( I thought was charming), the Blackened Grouper Reuben is worth the visit. Skip the Gator ribs and try the Cajun popcorn (crawfish tails), Smoked Fish Dip, or Key Lime Pie instead.

http://skipperssmokehouse.com  Restaurant, bar, music venue.

4.75 out of 5 points for Adam Richman’s sandwich pick.  3 out of 5 for everything else.

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